Nature through the Lens

“The earth is art. The photographer is only a witness.” – Yann Arthus-Bertrand

Untold adventures await us through exploring the world around us. Beauty in nature  inspires us to protect it from those that seek to ruin its pristine wilderness. It’s often said that pictures are worth a thousand words. I think they are worth more than words. Pictures can invoke action within us and cause change all on their own. It can also just be a therapeutic escape of the everyday toil and provide a memory into your adventures.

Here are a few Thistle and I took south of Galena, KS at the a Shoal Creek Wilderness Area/Schermerhorn Park. – Ace

Nature and art have long together since the cave paintings in France – or earlier. Photography is a modern medium by comparison, but it gives so many of us the ability to capture nature’s ever-changing beauty. Having loved both nature and photography for most of my life, I’m drawn to nature photography both as artistic expression and as an expression for my love of this world. If you follow the Green Warrior Living page on Facebook, you’ve surely noticed that both Ace and I are quick to share photos from our excursions. Photography is often a motivator for us getting outdoors.

We hope you enjoy these handful of photos from one of our area parks and that they inspire you to go out and enjoy nature, with or without a camera. And feel free to share your pics with us here or on Facebook! – Thistle


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